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6 Essential Tech Skills for HR Professionals Today

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Technology is no longer a bonus but a necessity in virtually any career these days. Just like in any other field, technological advancements have had a huge impact on the HR niche. For instance, it has changed how files are handled and stored and how employees are recruited and evaluated.  These changes have made the human resource department more systematic, organized, and efficient.

Having the right HR software and Desk booking software is critical to the success of a growing business. Acting as the system of record for all of your employee data, important HR tasks, time tracking, and payroll, to benefits administration and employee performances.

Since most companies have joined the bandwagon of incorporating tech in their HR functions, it is not surprising that they are on the hunt for tech-savvy HR professionals to join their organizations. Are you a beginner or even an experienced HR Professional and perhaps wondering what tech skills you need to get to the top? In this article, we let you in on essential tech skills that you need to have or learn.

Tech Skills for HR 1

Social media navigation skills

Social media is now part of us, and there are tons of data users put out there. That’s why it is a tool businesses and professionals can make tap into in decision making. Did you know that companies are now using social media to hire or fire employees? Yes! HR’s are using the platforms to find information that can facilitate their decision to hire a job applicant or not.  As an HR professional, you should be able to learn and understand the different social media sites are how they aid in HR functions. For instance, social media can be used to;

  • Post information about job openings on the company’s pages and encourage employees to share them to reach a wider audience.
  • Check out potential candidates’ social media profiles and public posts to see if they are a perfect fit for the company.
  • Communicate the company’s culture and brand through videos and stories.
  • Create hashtags and attract a following for important company initiatives and charitable events.

Talent acquisition skills

Before you take the role of managing employees, you must know how to acquire or bring them on board. Talent acquisition is the mother ship of major HR processes and functions. It is simple; if you get it right at recruitment, talent management becomes easy. Today, thanks to technology, recruitment has been made efficient because of tools such as TAS (Talent acquisition software). A good example of this is ATS (applicant tracking software), a tool that is taking the HR world by storm.

Companies are using this software to post job openings on multiple job boards, career pages, and social networking sites. This software, which can automate resume parsing, screen candidates, and schedule interviews, is making the hiring process quicker and efficient. Being able to work with an ATS is a big plus when looking to start or advance your career in HR. The good news is there are a bunch of good courses and resources that can make you an ATS guru in no time.

Digital file management skills

As an HR officer, you are expected to handle or deal with a lot of data and files. You will be required to store different files in different formats depending on their function, value, and sensitivity. Having the basic knowledge to handle data, video, audio, or database files will make work easier. Most of us are familiar with simple file management techniques like listing and naming them.

However, it is important that you broaden your knowledge in file management. For instance, instead of relying on one way of doing things like changing a word document to pdf and vice. It would be best if you also learned the advanced options like how to change pdf to jpg and vice versa. Learn to use the right tools to handle files faster. File security is also essential to avoid breaches of critical data. Different files require different attention and knowing how to deal with each requirement is vital for your job. It will also help you save a lot of time and be more productive.

Talent management and people skills

Human resource is about people; in essence, the heart of HR is people. As an HR professional, you need to ask yourself, can you build a culture where employees can rally around? How will you offer continuous growth and collaboration, and what can you do about the perks and benefits to keep employees happy.  Companies are looking for HR professionals with talent management and people skills.

Individuals who can attract highly skilled employees, integrate new workers, develop and retain current workers to meet current and future business objectives. This skill is becoming increasingly crucial because companies are realizing that the cost of employee turnover can kill a business. Hence, most companies have invested in software and tools that can aid the function. They also prefer to hire individuals who can use them to keep their employees happy and save them money.

Human Resource Information system Knowledge

As we noted earlier, technology is no longer a bonus but a necessity. Just like any business, technology has changed the work of HR. One of the ways is the streamlining of several HR tasks and processes. Imagine long ago when an HR had to fill forms manually or perform payroll processes manually. A lot, right? Thanks to technology, HRIS has been created to make operations effortless and reduce manual error.

This software is king when it comes to HR functions because it handles all processes, including hiring, payroll, performance evaluation, reward, and benefits, etc. In fact, it is now almost impossible to make it in this field if you don’t have basic knowledge of HRIS; most senior HR jobs have the skill listed as a prerequisite.

Cloud technology skills

This skill is almost similar to digital management skills but is more holistic and advanced. Since you handle a lot of crucial business data, how about some knowledge in handling and storing it. Cloud technology plays a significant role in the HR function. With a good cloud-based tracking system, businesses can centralize all their HR and business data from payroll, performance to onboarding, making everything easy to access, organize, and manage.

More so, the system can store employee data in one location, improving turnaround time and reducing the back and forth communication between departments. Not to mention the critical role cloud technology plays in cybersecurity. Since the functions aided by cloud technology are key in HR, It is no brainer that companies are looking for HR professionals with a good grasp of cloud technology.

Final thoughts

New technologies are coming out almost on a daily basis. This puts pressure on companies to follow suit and adjust, at least in order to stay in business. From our discussion, it is evident that most HR functions demand tech-savvy individuals to perform the tasks. This means as an HR professional; it is time to be agile now than ever before.