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Top 5 Best Electric Pepper Grinder For Kitchen

When it comes to pepper grinder most customers out there tend to get deceived by the look of it. Come on, your pepper grinder isn’t really some kind of showpiece.

Before purchasing a product, first and foremost we got to take its primary job or sole purpose into account. Then we can look at other advantages it can offer. Some freshly ground pepper can lift the taste of your meal to cloud nine.

That sounds great! But how do we find the best electric pepper grinder in the market that will bring out the best taste in my meal? No worries, that’s what we are going to find out in this article.

Best Electric Pepper Grinder

Best Electric Pepper Grinder

Why Do You Need a Pepper Grinder?

If you haven’t already got your own pepper grinder you are missing some of the best tastes of your life. It’s not only about the taste of your meal but also about your health. Let’s get into the details:

Cold-fighting Ability

Peppers can be a great force to fight against cold-related health issues such as a runny nose. When some of the chemicals inside the pepper come in contact with your muscle it irritates the muscle membrane.

As a result, it clears those blocked passages of your nose and lets you breathe the fresh air again. But for that, you will need freshly ground pepper and that’s where a pepper grinder comes into play.

Helps in Digestion

Pepper is able to accelerate the hydrochloric acid secretion within your stomach. And that helps to boost your digestion capability. This is how you can avoid tummy bugs, colic, and constipation.

Besides, it can also help you to get rid of intestinal gas and provoke urination and sweating which helps you to get rid of toxins. That’s not the end! It also comes in handy in expelling stomach gases more naturally and easily.

Antibacterial Properties

Insects hate peppers. So, if they even get a bit of a smell of it, they will just run away from you. This can help you to prevent a lot of infections. Pepper boosts your heart health by removing excess cholesterol from your arterial walls. It even can improve your skin health by removing impurities.

Antioxidant Properties

Pepper is very well-known as a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant is capable of protecting your body and skin from various health issues.

Remember, to enjoy all those advantages you need to make sure the peppers are fresh and well-ground. So, after buying your peppers, all you need is a good pepper grinder to process them well. That’s what we are about to find out.

Why Do You Need to Grind Pepper?

If you have already decided to buy a pepper grinder that you already know how helpful it is for grinding pepper. However, aren’t you still a bit curious why you should grind pepper?

When peppers are exposed to oxygen, they lose a lot of its signature bite and this is why canned pepper often don’t satisfy your expectation. But when you grind the peppers on your own the ground pepper doesn’t get to come in contact with the oxygen much, you get a richer flavor.

It’s not only about the richer flavor but also it offers you control over the quality of the grains.

Top 5 Pepper Grinders

There are tons of models of grinders out there and finding out the perfect one among those could be challenging. But don’t worry. Our well-researched guidelines and latest update on the market will help you out to find the right one for you. So, let’s get into the reviews.

Fletchers’ Mill Newport Pepper Mill

Fletchers' Mill Newport Pepper Mill

Fletchers’ Mill Newport Pepper Mill

If you are into a modern look the Fletchers’ Mill Newport Pepper Mill could be the perfect suit for your kitchen. What makes this mill special is its hand-crafted design by a family-owned company in the USA. It comes with a grown wood-made construction and designed to last for a lifetime.


It features a two-step grinding system. At the first stage, it crushes the peppercorns bringing out the best flavor of it. In the second step, it finishes the grinding. You can set it for 33 different grinding sizes from fine to hard.

Besides that, it features a pop-out grinding mechanism that allows you to clean it easily. It has several different stains, and you don’t have to worry if you need a smaller version as the company also produces smaller pepper mills too.

Key Features

  • Made of strong mahogany wood, ensuring you to last for years to come
  • Hand-crafted unique design gives it an eye-catching look
  • Offers an advance patented locking system
  • Comes with several grinding options starting from light to hard
  • Stainless-steel two-step mechanism ensures an outstanding grinding performance

Dreamfarm Ortwo | One-Handed Spice Mill with Ceramic Grinder

Dreamfarm Ortwo

Dreamfarm Ortwo

Dreamfarm is quite popular in the market for its unique and clever product naming. They named the pepper grinder to Ortwo as you can use it with just one hand or two.


At times, one of your hand could be busy or dirty in such scenario, you would be easily able to grab the Ortwo and squeeze its handle to allocate pepper whenever you need. When you grasp it using two hands, you will be able to squeeze it much faster and harder. As result, you can process a large number of peppers in no time.

The filling process of this grinder is a lot easier, as it comes with a glass cup with a mouth that is large enough to fill without any spilling. You can set the grinding process in six different sizes starting from fine to chunky.

Key Features

  • Comes with a convenient two-hand mode enabling faster grinding.
  • Versatile grinding options allow you to do the grinding in six different modes.
  • The custom-made design is ultra-durable and won’t corrade that easily.
  • A wider mouth allows you to fill it up quickly and accurately.
  • Eye-catching design makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Latent Epicure Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

This set of two grinders have different purposes for both of the grinders. One for grinding salt and another for pepper. Again, it comes with a High-Tech one-push button operation for easy control. Plus, it has an LED light support that brightens up to let you see the amount of salt or pepper you have included in your salad or soup.


It comes with a holder that gives you a clean and supportive place to put your grinder and also, helps you to avoid stray grinding.

You can select that coarseness by using the knob. It’s placed on the bottom of your grinder and its spice container will come apart quite effortlessly when you have to refill. It’s powered up by batteries, we wouldn’t recommend using any rechargeable batteries.

Key Features

  • Offers a complementary mill tray allowing you to keep your kitchen surface cleaner.
  • High-Tech one-touch button operation makes it very user-friendly.
  • Multiple coarseness setting allows you to select your desired option.
  • Bright LED support light enables you to see clearly the inside part so, no more over flavoring.
  • Modern batter housing design ensures minimum effort in adjusting batteries.

Zassenhaus Speyer 5.1-Inch Dark Stained Beech Pepper Mill

Zassenhaus Speyer 5.1-Inch Dark Stained Beech Pepper Mill

Zassenhaus Speyer 5.1-Inch Dark Stained Beech Pepper Mill

The Zessenhaus comes with a delicate and classic design, creating that old-school vibe. This wooden grinder would be a perfect suit for the dinner table. Next time when you guest comes to visit, they will surely flatter this little cute creation.


It looks like some precious antique and truth be told it is. The design was born in Germany about 100 years back from now. And you know they say, “old is gold.” They used beechwood to construct this little beauty. You can also operate it using the metal crank.

Besides that, it comes with a modern ceramic grinding technology which is guaranteed for 25 years. You will get six different position adjustments with this grinder.

Key Features

  • Offers a CeraPlus German ceramic grinding mechanism which is much sturdier than steel.
  • Comes with a hundred years old German antique design.
  • The aesthetic appearance of the grinder will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.
  • Offers six different position adjustment allowing you to have great versatility in grinding.

Peugeot Paris Chef u’Select Stainless Steel

Peugeot Paris Chef u'Select Stainless Steel

Peugeot Paris Chef u’Select Stainless Steel

Peugeot is a famous brand in the market for producing quality grinders. This French manufacturer builds luxury models of grinders which is an A-class in function also looks pretty delicate.


You will be able to move the base of the grinder in six different settings. Also, they can be modified further just by tightening or loosening the regulator.

As a result, it gives you very effective and accurate grinding results. You will see the materials are made with real care to give it a more appealing look.

Key Features

  • Made in France. Peugeot has a very well reputation for making grinders so no worries about the quality.
  • Comes with a helix-shaped double row of teeth that allows you to have a perfect grind.
  • Ultra-modern griding technology offers you the maximum flavor you can get.
  • It offers you a lifetime limited guarantee.

What To Consider Before Buying electric pepper grinder?

Here are some useful guidelines that you need to take under consideration before buying your pepper grinder:


It’s something amazing to have control over the hardness of your pepper as different people have different tastes and requirements. Some dishes might require hard grind like as, Caesar salad or crusted steak, while others may require to find grind which will easily blend into sauces and soups.

You will see that most of the pepper grinder out there will let you adjust the grind size, but this customization ability varies on different models. Some pepper grinders will give you a couple of presets to select from, while the rest may ask you to tinker with the knob as long as you don’t get your expected hardness.

Manual vs. Electric

Just like most other home appliances pepper grinder also come in two different modes – manual and electric. Electric ones will offer you more convenience- let you have freshly grounded peppers just by the click of a button. However, some people say, this actually harnesses the joy of cranking the peppers using your hand. But if you have limited hand strength then you should consider getting the electric ones.


Most home cooks out there won’t look for a large-capacity pepper grinder. It will be hard to store and appear clunky. Also, if you don’t have good storage such as not having an air-tight facility this will expose your peppers to oxygen.

And you know they don’t get along that well with each other. As a result, you will lose the natural flavor of your pepper.


Well, truth be told, look matters in some cases. You would obviously appreciate something that will increase the glamour of your house. Therefore, when buying your pepper grinder, a nice-looking grinder would surely enhance the beauty of your kitchen. But never sacrifice when it comes to quality.

Though the look is not the most important thing to consider here. However, if you could find one that offers great quality and also, looks delicate that’s a plus 5 points there.


Is the grinding setting customizable?

Yes, most of the pepper grinders in the market come with a customizable setting. You can use it to change the coarseness of your pepper.

Is it ok to put salt in the pepper grinder?

Well, that totally relies on the mechanism of your grinder. If your grinder has a nylon or ceramic mechanism then you can use salt. But if it’s based on a carbon-steel mechanism then you are not allowed to use salt.

Can I put my grinder into the dishwasher?

No, not at all. You may entirely ruin its grinding mechanism if you put it into the dishwasher.

How do I clean the grinder?

You can use a colorless, damp cloth to clean your grinder. Make sure you have dried it properly so, there’s no water left. You are not allowed to rinse the mechanism or submerge it in the water. And never use cleaning products such as anti-bacterial spray to clean the grinder.

Can my grinder get rusty if yes, why?

Yes, your grinder may get rusty. The most common reason behind this is water exposure. If you ever put the grinder into the dishwasher, washed it in the sink, or didn’t fry it enough this can get lead it to rust.</p><p>Also, if you fail to store it in the proper place, for instance, leaving it in a damp place or outdoor can cause rust.

Final Words

A grinder is a great technology. The mechanism is not that complicated yet it comes with a lot of advantages. You may buy packed peppers from the market but their taste and flavor are not even near to ground peppers.

Having well-ground peppers will enhance the taste and flavor of your food enormously. Everyone will be bound to praise your food when grinders acting as the real hero in the background.

And you can see, finding the best electric pepper grinder is not hard after reading our article. Just be sure you are buying the grinder from the original brand as there are tons of fake brands surfing in the market.

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