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Top Secrets Of People Who Always Have A Clean House 2021

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We all have that one individual in our lives whose shining clean house we always envy. Secrets of people who always have a clean house,  Isn’t it? Their house is like a fairytale, furniture seems untouched, beds always made, kitchen counters clean enough that there is no need for plates!

Secrets Of People Who Always Have A Clean House

Secrets Of People Who Always Have A Clean House

The baffling part is that this person claims to take no help from the best regular house cleaning services! Are they for real?

Even when we secretly wish to find a tad bit of dust in some corner, we fail to do so. This person’s house is literally that clean!

Now we have two options here. Either we can continue to envy this person or we can become that person by taking a peek at some of their house cleaning secret tips! Read below to find out!

  1. Do all the laundry on ONE single day

There is nothing more frustrating than piles of laundry sitting in the basket while you have tons of other chores or washed clothes overflowing waiting to be ironed. Assign one day during the week just for laundry and make sure you get it all done.

If your washing machine does not give an alarm for the finished load, set a reminder on your phone. No matter what washing system you have, make sure you get your laundry done in one go.

  1. Do not leave the dirty dishes in the sink

Even if you have world-class kitchen countertops clean enough to eat meals on, your kitchen is not clean if you have piles of dirty dishes lying in your sink. It looks messy and generates an unpleasant odor.

Honestly, it is very convenient to simply leave the dirty dishes for the next day however, it is not a healthy habit. Just get it done and enjoy a clean kitchen in the morning!

  1. Make sure your cleaning supplies are always accessible

The hassle of keeping a house clean with a full-time job or kids is real. What you can do to make it easier is by keeping your cleaning supplies accessible in every corner. Make sure your bathroom cabinets are stocked with paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner.

This way no one will have an excuse to leave the counter wet and dirty. When the cleaning supplies are accessible, every member in the house much more likely to use them!

  1. Assign days to important cleaning tasks 

Many households have a system of assigning days for particular cleaning tasks. There are days to mow the lawn, do the laundry, vacuum the carpets, clean the bathrooms, etc. So, no matter how you assign these days, make sure you get the assigned task done the very same day! This is a great way to divide the load.

  1. Experiment with different cleaning routines

You can search on the internet for the best cleaning routines to get inspiration, however, only you know what routine will suit your house the best. What may work for you may not work for others.

So experiment as much as you can without overburdening yourself and then settle on a single cleaning routine. Do not stay under the illusion that if “this” worked for that Instagram influencer I have to follow the same road!

  1. Host a dinner party now and then 

When we have a project deadline coming up, our house is usually a mess. One simply does not have the luxury of time to perform deep cleaning. If you are in the same boat, then you can put some pressure on yourself by hosting a dinner party!

When you know that guests are coming over, then no matter how hard the routine is, you will find time for cleaning your house.

  1. Learn to clean and declutter right away

Never leave something for the next day because that next day never arrives, and the dirty laundry and dishes piles just keep piling up.

Baking over the weekend? Wash the dishes right after you put that cake in the oven. Doing an arts and crafts project? Throw the shavings and paper cuttings right away. Coming back home from work? Hang your clothes in the closet immediately rather than leaving them on the bed.

This way you will have a lesser need of doing deep cleaning every weekend because most of your things will automatically be organized throughout the week. Save your weekend to clean the fridge, or do laundry instead.

  1. Keep a junk cupboard or a drawer

Even if you suffer from OCD and have a habit of placing every item in its designated place, there are days where you just want to stuff everything up and sort it later.

So, in the respect of such days, keep a junk drawer or a cabinet in your home. It is alright to not want to organize stuff the very same day. Simply shove it away and deal with it when you feel like doing so!

  1. Squeeze in small cleaning tasks within your busy schedule 

The reality is that there is nothing like Dumbledore’s elder wand that exists out there that can magically clean your home unless you hire a professional cleaner.

Homeowners have to find time to perform the cleaning tasks. However, even if you have 10 minutes to spare during the day, you can achieve a lot.

Let’s say you are waiting for kids to finish breakfast, meanwhile, you can wash the dishes in the sink. Or while waiting for food to cook, you can declutter the cutlery drawer. Try to find time in between your busy schedule.

  1. Turn your cleaning routine into a workout routine!  

The last cleaning tip we have to share with you all is that you can take your cleaning routine as a workout routine. Chores like mopping the stairs or even the floor is a workout in itself.

So, if you are watching your weight, burning a few calories through cleaning the house will provide you the motivation to actually clean. In fact, if you do not have the time to go to the gym or hire a fitness trainer, your cleaning routine can help you shed off those extra pounds.

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