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A Step By Step Guide On What To Pack First When Moving

What To Pack First When Moving And All That You Need To Know

Moving is a stressful and tiring process, but don’t panic and remember to breathe and think wisely. When deciding how to pack and move quickly, it’s best to slow down and make a smart plan for move-in day. Staying organized and using your time efficiently is essential. That may sound like a lot and you can never wrap a house in one day.

Do not worry, you will. Just because it seems impossible doesn’t mean it is. The key is to go step by step and from one level to another. Whether you’re moving in a month or a week, follow this guide on what to pack first when moving and get everything done on time for your big move.

Make A Checklist

Just a few days left to move doesn’t mean all the basics have to come out the window. In fact, a mobile checklist is even more essential when you are under time constraints. Your on-the-go checklist is a prioritized list of everything you require to complete your tasks along with deadlines, so you can free up brain space and stay on track. As you move, move up the list and check off items as you complete them. Just pick the essentials and tailor it to your own tight schedule.

A question that comes with moving is ‘how to pack for a moving checklist’. Consider making a separate packing list to avoid missing important items. Remember, the key to success is to be rigid but practical. So, before undertaking the moving tasks, organize your move by creating a mobile checklist. When you’re packing your bags, you’ll need a checklist to know what tasks you’ve completed and what to expect.

Hiring A Moving Company

A hurried move has a way of making every task seem impossible and difficult to complete. It’s easy to get stuck with everything that needs to be done, but instead of getting overwhelmed with your tasks on the go, just take a deep breath and start crossing off items on your list.

The first phase will be to hire a moving company or hire a truck, depending on whether you will need professional help with your move or if you plan to do it yourself. If you use moving companies, you won’t have much time to do your research, so use a tool like our moving company directory to quickly find a list of reputable moving companies in your area. If you rent a truck, get quotes from two or three companies, and then make a decision right away.

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Purchase Quality Moving Boxes

All of us have a common question in our minds and that’s is how to pack a messy house to move’ and the answer is, in good quality boxes. It feels tempting to go to your local grocery store and try to get free boxes. However, moving boxes are relatively inexpensive and the added durability may be worth it in the end.

Repurposed grocery boxes and moving boxes can be compromised due to wear and tear and exposure to moisture or worse, insect infestation. The last thing you want is a box that falls apart in your hand as you try to move it around the house when you are already in a hurry.

Arrange Large Items

Discover what furniture and appliances can and cannot accompany you on your move. If you think you can sell or donate items, take pictures and start the relocation process early. Plan donation pickup for anything you can’t get rid of. For items that will be traveling with you, place sticky notes or color-coded tape over items that require special handling. In this way, you can give good instructions to your carriers and assistants. For example, you can ask someone to wrap plastic wrap around all items with a tag.

Give Each Room A Different Colored Packaging Label

To stay organized, print multi-colored packing labels or use a different colored tape and give each room its own color. Label the contents of each box and include the part to which it belongs. Then, in its new location, use colored tape to mark the entrances to the rooms.

This mobile hack will save moving companies a lot of time. Instead of having to read the label explicitly or play the guessing game, they can simply match color to color. This usually helps packing kitchen appliances because there are many fragile items in the kitchen that you’d want to label and keep separately.

Don’t overpack

One mistake many people make when pack moving in a hurry, is trying to put all of their things in some cardboard boxes they have around the house. Use as many boxes as you need to create loads that are easy to lift. Keep your largest boxes no more than 50 pounds.

What To Pack First Before You Move

Undertaking the tough material

Artwork, decorative items, and anything that can break or require special care should be handled first and then discarded. It’s a good job to hire a caring friend who may not be able to help with heavy lifting. Make sure you have enough flexible packaging material, such as bubble wrap or wrapping paper, or multitask by wrapping fragile items in towels or tablecloths.


In case you’re a book reader, it is your responsibility to return the borrowed books to their owners. If you’ve decided to move, you must have 1 or 2 unpacked books along with you so you can keep yourself occupied during a long-distance move.

Storage Items

When you’re moving, your storage items must be your first priority to pack. Another reason to pack storage items first is that they’re already packed into the boxes and it’ll be easier to clean up the mess first. Meanwhile, they won’t be of any use while moving so just bury them somewhere first while packing everything. You just have to keep the focus on organizing the boxes so you have a clear idea of storage items when you’re unpacking stuff later on.

Give priority to the clothes that are out of seasoned

Look for the out of the seasoned clothes right before you’re moving. They’ll be packed already because you have stored them in some kind of storage room for the next season. It’s a good idea to pack out of seasoned clothes to catch up with the fast-moving process.

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